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Working More Effectively with Clients in Crisis

Crises present themselves in many different ways. Some examples are, a client has been making consistent progress, but then a family members gets ill or dies, and this puts the kibosh on progress and stagnates movement all together; a client who loses his or her employment and it's interfered with his or her ability to pay household expenses; a client has a car accident and those in the vehicle are injured; it snows and a client is not able to get to and from appointments in time enough to get the children off the school bus, to name just a few. Unfortunately, these instances happen in real life with individuals who receive services   and far too often organizations are not equipped and/or don't have the resources to assist clients traversing through these life altering events.  

It's important to understand the difference between a crisis and an inconvenience when attempting to address these situations. This training will help staff develop the tools necessary to assist clients in navigating challenging life circumstances and staying on the path to progress.

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