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Leadership & Management

We work with individuals and groups to build upon strengths and to augment areas that need improvement, in areas such as:

  • increasing sales and revenue;
  • improving staff morale & customer retention;
  • developing systems of accountability;
  • strategies for decreasing high staff turnover and increasing retention; and
  • encouraging creativity, innovation, and greater levels of engagement.
  • effective use of cost benefit analysis 

We believe that it's important to understand what the terms "Leadership" and "Management" mean. Leadership is defined by General Maxwell B. Taylor as, “The art of influencing and directing men & women in such a way as to obtain their willing obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation in order to accomplish a mission.” Management is defined by Merriam-Webster as "the act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (as a business): judicious use of means to accomplish an end the collective body of those who manage or direct an enterprise." For Black Pearl, leadership means leading people and personalities, while management is managing tasks that are completed within the guideline of policies and procedures in a timely manner.

Although the two terms are different by definition, they go hand-in-hand in the workplace. Understanding how to mesh the two together is key in effectively leading and managing. We invite you to allow us the opportunity in assisting you in  helping your organization and key staff reach their maximum potential. If you would like a free consultation please contact us. We look forward to partnering with you and your organization to help you reach your goals.

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